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Men with a shorter PSA doubling time or a more rapid PSA velocity after initial therapy tend to have more aggressive disease, and are therefore more likely to need more.

I am a 56 year old man with a PSA level of 3.5 My doctor

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A couple of observations, the fact that your PSA moved upward is not a good sign, but it maybe caused by a number of factors.

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The doctor ordered a biopsy and we were told there was no cancer.In a man with a worrisome PSA a physician may recommend a prostate biopsy.They said nothing but to be checked again in six months and continue to take Proscar once a day.

A prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test measures a type protein produced by the prostate gland in men, the increased levels of which may indicate the presence of prostate cancer.Although the PSA level is a valuable indicator, it is never a diagnosis.

Initial PSA Measurement Could Help Guide Further Prostate Cancer Testing In a large European study, researchers looked at using first-time prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels as a way to guide future screening for prostate cancer.It eventually reaches a level where it can be easily detected in.Characteristics predictive of having an undetectable serum PSA level at 10 years in patients.For example: If a man has Gleason 7 disease, has his first PSA recurrence more than two years after surgery, and has a PSA.A free PSA is primarily ordered when a man has a moderately elevated total PSA.Simple natural supplements that people think are scams like Super Beta Prostate are actually very effective in restoring the prostate.

The risk of prostate cancer is determined by age, family history and race.PSA or prostatic specific antigen is a special protein that is secreted by prostate cells.

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Recent reassessment of the utility of PSA levels in diagnosing prostate cancer has changed the way many urologists advise their patients.

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Ideally, the %free PSA level should be greater than 25 and the lower the level of the %free PSA (converse of tPSA level where the higher levels suggest greater risk) the greater the probability of prostate cancer.A man who has an elevated PSA level should talk to his doctor about what other tests might be appropriate.Any presence or absence of prostate cancer can only be determined with a biopsy.

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Lastly, as the size of the prostate gland may affect the PSA level.Variables including PSA level at diagnosis, Gleason score (measurement of the aggressiveness of the cancer), stage of the cancer (extent of spread), and the PSA velocity during the year prior to diagnosis were evaluated to determine whether these variables were associated with long-term outcomes for these patients.But there are other factors for a man with a high PSA level aside from prostate cancer.The PSA test is used to detect prostate cancer and benign (non-cancerous) conditions like prostatitis (an inflamed prostate) and benign.

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PSA velocity or PSA doubling time, both of which measure the rate at which your PSA rises, can be a very significant factor in determining is the aggressiveness of your cancer.

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Most men with slightly elevated PSA levels do not have prostate cancer, and many men with prostate cancer have normal PSA levels.

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For men in their 50s or younger, a PSA level should be below 2.5 in most cases.Usually there is some increase in size as when I had Prostatitis I had trouble urinating.PSA is a protein found in higher-than-normal levels in men with prostate cancer and some noncancerous prostate.Rising levels of PSA in serum are associated with prostate cancer.

That was the first symptom, then I had a clear discharge after urinating and pain.PSA is a member of the kallikrein-related peptidase family and is secreted by the epithelial cells of the prostate gland.

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But the risk of prostate cancer for men with PSA levels equal to or below 4.0 has never been well researched.